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Electro Radical Alteration #

Electro Radical Alteration # is an open platform to collaborate and experiment with light and sound. The aim of the project is to facilitate an exchange of ideas around the extended practice of VJing.

Since 2014, ERA# has been the catalyst for audiovisual intervention and experimentation through open workshops and theoretical lectures on video and sound art, demo of tools for producing audiovisual content and live performances. Some of the experiments carried out during ERA were formalised in two live performances commissioned by Tate Modern (1, 2).

The ERA acronym precedes a hashtag, indicating open horizons and collaboration. ERA# currently takes place at Ravensbourne, London, UK and everybody is welcome to come along.

ERA #0 - Electro Radical Alteration
Performance with Yuri Suzuki
November 2014

ERA #1 - Difference and Repetition
Theory and basic technique
October 2015

ERA #2 - Sonic warfare
Theory and visual technique
November 2015

ERA #3 - Make things talk
Sound technique with Mark Durham
January 2016

ERA #4 - Plugin
Audiovisual technique
February 2016

ERA #5 - ERA vs CCC
Visual technique with David Hunter
March 2016

ERA #6 - Rewind
Audiovisual technique
April 2016

ERA #7 - Take Off
Theory and basic technique
October 2016

ERA #8 - ± Feedback
Theory and technique
November 2016

ERA #9 - Projection Mapping
Visual technique
January 2017

ERA #10 - Glitch
Audiovisual technique
January 2017

ERA #11 - Introduction to VJing
Theory and basic technique
March 2018

ERA #12 - End of an Era
Streamed Performance
March 2018

ERA #13 – A new ERA
May 2018